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About Kelce

Born into a large, musical family, Kelce has lived and breathed music her entire life. Her experience performing and being on the stage began when she was six years old and has continued since through choirs, improv groups,  musical theatre, and various performance opportunities. 


Her singer-songwriter journey began at thirteen years old. Although it started as a pastime, Kelce’s songwriting soon became apparent to her and her family as a passion and a gift. She began taking private songwriting lessons with Berklee alumni music mentor Emily Correia, who connected her with her first studio, Confectionery Sound based in Providence RI. 


Kelce’s first EP was recorded with Chris Sweet at Confectionery Sound and included her first two singles, “Mirrors” and “Echoes of Us”,  as well as “Erase You”, “Veins”, and “Strangers Now” which completed her first EP.


The following summer, Kelce began her second project with Railroad Park Recording Studio starting with “Summer Sunset Drives.” This resulted in her second EP “Perspectives”, featuring “Take Me”, “Empty Seat (feat. Daniel)”, “New York at Night”, and “Miss You”, created with the minds of Clinton Lisboa, Kyle Therrien, and Eric Kirkland.


Mingled within her time at the studio, Kelce has performed at several open mic nights, vocal contests, restaurants, art galleries, and private events in southeastern New England.


Through her music, Kelce hopes to inspire you, her listeners and supporters, to press into the beautiful and the ugly moments in life, and to reach out for hope through it all. In her eyes, life is one great, breathtaking, messy work of art that demands to be felt and expressed and experienced to the fullest–– she hopes that her music encourages you to do just that.

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